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                                                 Asclepias tuberosa, curassavica
Above and left:  Asclepias tuberosa (butterfly weed).  Note fuzzy
leaves, no milky sap as in most milkweeds, flowers orange-gold to
orange, petals reflexed downward, hoods extend far above central
column or button, horns extend over central column.  Often raised
from seeds or tubers, these were container grown from tubers. 
Tuberosa is a native milkweed and popular in butterfly gardens
Right and below:  Asclepias curassavica (tropical or
Mexican milkweed).  Orange-red petals reflexed downward, gold hoods not as tall as central column, horns extend up and over the central column. 
can be raised from cuttings or seeds and
is used extensively in butterfly gardens.  Reports are that it has "escaped" and become naturalized in the southern half of Texas.
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